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Welcome to Pharma Le Chéile

United Together, Drive Forward

Pharma Le Chéile is an innovative buying group for Pharmacy that has changed the way Pharmacies purchase stocks and services. We are all facing challenging times over the coming months and years. United Drug know that we will only overcome these obstacles by working together.

Progress through Partnership

As part of our commitment to you, we will be offering members of Pharma Le Chéile exclusive special offers on leading ethical, otc and sundry supplies. We will also be offering exclusive deals on services that will enhance your pharmacy.

Together we can Deliver

Our promise to all customers is that we will provide a quality service, whilst also working in partnership, to ensure all our futures.


Who can become members?

All pharmacies have been invited to join Pharma Le Chéile. In particular we hope that independent Pharmacies throughout Ireland who have supported United Drug will participate in this buying group.

How do I become a member?

Simply contact your Business Development Representative who will then help you complete the Pharma Le Chéile registration form. For further information contact us on the following telephone number: (01) 463 7311 

Why are pharmacies required to pay?

The membership fee will partially cover the expenses incurred in the administration of the buying group, but we are so confident in this project, that we will refund the membership fee to any pharmacy who does not see substantial savings after participating fully.